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Basic Manicure                               $35

​                    30-40 minutes

Polish Change Hands                     $15

​                    15 minutes

Gel Polish Manicure                       $50

​                   45-60 minutes

Gelish Poly​Gel Nail Fill                   $60

​ (hard gel) 60 minutes

Gelish PolyGel Nail Full Set           $75
 (hard gel) 60-75 minutes

Basic Pedicure                     $45

​                  30-40 minutes

Spa Pedicure                       $60

​                  45-60 minutes

Polish Change Toes            $20

​                  15-20 minutes

Nail Repair                           $10 each

                           15 minutes

Nail Art                                $5 and up

time tbd based on art desired


Basic Manicure includes the removal of any polish, shaping and filing of nails, detailed cuticle work and application of new nail polish.



Basic Manicure

Gel Polish

Shellac, OPI Gel Color and Gelish are available

The process includes the soaking off of any existing Gel Polish product followed by shaping and filing of nails.  Next is detailed cuticle work followed by application of new gel polish of choice.  On Hands only...

Gelish PolyGel Nail Fill
​A harder, non porous gel is used.  The process starts by removing old and loose product filing followed by detailed cuticle work.  The nail is then 'filled in' with new product and finished off.  Options include french manicure style, gel polish or regular nail polish. 

Polish Change on Hands

Simply that.  The removal of old polish and application of new polish.  There is no filing or trimming of cuticles. 

Gelish PolyGel Nail Full Set
Gelish PolyGel (a harder, non porous product) is added to the nail as an overlay to existing length or extending length with forms to make a longer, stronger nail. This nail does require maintenance of  2-3 week fills

Nail Repair

The repair of a natural or artificial nail. This timing is for one nail, please book more time if needed. Repair will be done with Gelish PolyGel or Gel Polish as nail repair requires.



Basic Pedicure

Spa Pedicure

Polish Change Toes

Basic Pedicure includes short soak in pedicure tub, removal of any polish, filing and shaping of nails followed by detailed cuticle work then the application of new nail polish.

Simply that..The removal any old nail polish and application of new nail polish.


*no filing or cuticle work.  If that is needed please book basic or spa pedicure

Spa Pedicure begins with soaking in the pedicure tub and then removal of any polish.  Next the nails will be filed and shaped followed by detailed cuticle work, foot filing, exfoliation with scrub, massage and finally application of new polish.

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